Monday, April 05, 2010

Citrus Sugar Shaker

We always like to give a little Easter gift to my mom and dad, Kevin's mom, and Deb & Bill. Nothing fancy and nothing big - just a little something that's often homemade. This year, we gave away Citrus Sugar Shakers. Lemon Sugar, to be exact. They were a big hit! ... and so easy and inexpensive to make. Here's a photo of the end result: What do you put lemon sugar on? You can use it in iced or hot tea; use a shake or two over fresh strawberries; sprinkle it on warm buttermilk pancakes; add a shake to pound cake before gently warming the cake in a pan or on the grill. There are lots of other options - it's fun to experiment and use your imagination! You can also make lime and orange sugars. Here's the recipe ...

Citrus Sugar

2 cups of white granulated sugar
zest of 2 lemons, 2 limes or 2 oranges

Add sugar and zest to food processor. Pulse until the sugar and zest are well mixed. Pour sugar onto a baking sheet; spread out and let dry for one hour. Spoon finished sugar into a sugar shaker. Tie a citrus colored ribbon around the shaker and add a label.

(Tip: There are lots of internet sources for inexpensive bottles and glassware, such as sugar shakers. You can also find them from time to time at your local 99 Cents Only store.)

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