Wednesday, April 07, 2010

"Art ...

... enables us to find ourselves, and lose ourselves at the same time." ~ Thomas Merton

That's me at the moment - kind of at a loss as to what to do with today's stand out thrift store find. Here's the find:

Aren't they incredible!! The series of books is "Metropolitan Seminars in Art" by John Canady. It's a 12-book series and this set is missing portfolio number 11; the remainder of the set is intact and in great condition! Each book covers one artistic concept; the book contains about 25 or so pages of text, and then, on the inside cover is an envelope that contains prints of famous paintings that serve as an example of the concept covered in the book. The books are first edition and they were printed in 1958. Each book was a bargain at just $2.00 each!!

Why am I at a loss? Well initially, when I began looking at the books, I wanted them for a project that I'll be working on soon. The large format of the books makes them perfect for this particular project. However - using them in this manner would entail my taking the books apart . GASP! They are such a unique commodity, I'm really not at all sure I want to do that. And yet, they would be so perfect for my project! Over and above the large book format, there are many illustrations on the pages that would really make the project one of a kind.

So, there you have it. Betwixt and between. What to do?? What would YOU do?

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