Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Vintage Linens!

... that's what's in the drawers of that cute little secretary desk!!

On Monday, my first day of spring break, it rained. I had many things on my to-do list that were indoors so I was absolutely fine with that. In fact, I love doing things around my house when it's cold, wet and rainy outside - that's the perfect day!

In straightening out the drawers of the china cabinet in the dining room, I couldn't help but notice that my pretty vintage linens and doilies were in a perpetual state of wrinkle because everything was so crammed into the drawers. BING! I remembered that I now have four extra drawers in the secretary! I took out the iron and began ironing all of the pretty table cloths, table runners, doilies and other goodies so that they could be tucked away in their new home. Just imagine, the next time I pull something out to use, I won't have to iron it first! Now that's a novel concept! (No, you're not seeing things. The shiny dots you see on some of the doilies are vintage glass buttons. I sewed them on a large doily and six small doilies; they serve as beverage covers for a pitcher of lemonade and 6 glasses so that insects don't fly in your lemonade when you're sitting outside.)
Don't you just love that little duck?! I think he is so sweet - in fact, there are actually two of them - they're dresser scarves for a little boys bedroom: Aren't they just adorable? Look at that hand embroidery ...
I saw them when I was out thrifting one day and just had to have them.

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DW said...

Funny, I have some vintage towels that are very similar to yours ...
And that duck is adorable!