Saturday, April 24, 2010


One of the notable events I've been too busy to comment on lately is the Gabrielino High School Shaveapalooza.

The what?

One of the teachers at Kevin's school is undergoing chemotherapy for her third recurrence of cancer. Ugh. Several weeks ago she began her first round of chemo for this new recurrence. During Spring Break, she began losing her hair; shortly thereafter, she shaved her head. In a touching show of solidarity, fourteen staff members decided to shave their heads, too. Thirteen men ... and one woman! ...with very long hair!

Paul Mitchell Salons came out for the event and shaved the noggins for free. Here are just a few pics of the event: The "Before":

The Victims ... err ... volunteers: The "During":
And, The "After": Handsome, don't you think?? Though we both agreed that we like Kevin better with hair, his doing this was definitely an act of love and compassion.

... and he'd do it again in a heartbeat.

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DW said...

Well, bless his heart for doing that! Hope his co-worker is doing well.